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Everyone Piano

It lets you play a virtual piano using the keyboard of your computer
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Everyone Piano is a powerful application that lets you play a virtual piano using the keyboard of your computer. It’s a very accurate piano simulation software, capable of resembling a real piano in every little detail. Its most remarkable advantage is the fact that it provides a lot of handy additional functions and options.

Among its many cool additional features, the fact that this handy application can also record what you’re playing is one of the most remarkable ones. This is one of the many benefits that it offers in order to be a really effective piano learning tool, as it allows tracking and assessing learner’s progress. The facts that it also comes in three versions: Adult Version, Children Version and Elder Version, and that it can manage staves and music scores also help making it an effective studying solution.

It supports loading VSTi sound databases and it comes with a large timbre database. Simulating the footplate of the piano is also possible. A lot of customization possibilities are at hand, including adjusting the playing speed or switching among the dynamic skins. To sum things up, Everyone Piano is truly feature-rich and comprehensive. Though it comes packed with a lot of functions, tools and features, it manages to remain easy-to-use and neat. The interface is well organized and intuitive, so it will pose no problems to anyone.

In conclusion, Everyone Piano is simply a great tool, especially since it is completely free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Allows you to adjust the playing speed
  • Allows recording the playback
  • The note layout of the keyboard can be customized to your liking
  • Includes sample compositions


  • None that I can think of
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