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Learn and practice playing piano with this free program
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Piano is one of the most popular instruments but also one of the most expensive. Everyone Piano is a virtual version of a piano keyboard that allows you to play piano without the need to purchase a real one. It uses your computer's keyboard to play the different sounds corresponding to each piano key. The sounds produced are very realistic.

Also, unlike other similar applications, this one features a music score that shows you which note are you playing when stroking a particular key. This is useful for educational purposes, since you can watch and memorize the place of the score where the note or chord you are playing is located. It also shows the number of the note within its scale; for example, if you play an E in the C scale, it will be the third note, and so on. You can set the score to show the music key so each note will appear in relation with that key, for example, in a D scale, E will be the second note, and so on. You can also set the dynamics and sustain of the notes of each hand.

The main disadvantage is that the program sometimes takes your keyboard over, so you can't write anything or use the function keys while using the application. Nevertheless, it is a good and free option to learn and practice piano playing.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Allows to play the piano
  • Can be used for educational purposes


  • Sometimes, the program takes your keyboard over, so you can't write anything while using the application
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